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The competition small businesses compete with the big


Hubert Roy

28 August, 2018 07:00

Serge Therrien, Hubert Roy, Carl Dubé, Patrice Jean, Jean-François Desautels and Michel Lacelle | Photo : Réjean Meloche

The shortage of labour, damage insurance made it feel more so among small businesses ? Not necessarily, say the directors of the Coalition for the promotion of professions in the property and casualty insurance.

“No matter your size, people know the trades that you exert. In the insurance industry, it is possible to work Gaspé, near his home, or in a call centre in Montréal, at the centre of the city. Very few industries can offer this, ” said Jean-François Desautelssenior vice-president in Québec, Intact Insurance.

Carl Dubé, vice-president, human resources, Desjardins Insurance, points out that the small brokerage firms have advantages that the big company can offer. “We see candidates attracted to the entrepreneurial environment. These small firms can also offer their employees to work near their homes. They may compete with our larger companies to recruit. The advantage that we have relates to the capacity of training that we can offer. The large company is better equipped in this sense. “

Patrice Jean, chief executive officer of Lussier Dale Parizeau, said often see in large organizations employees want to become entrepreneurs. “This is something that remains strong,” he said.

Michel Lacelle, vice-president, organizational services, for eastern Canada, claims adjuster IndemniPro, points out that the worker in damage insurance, can adapt her work to her personality. If he wants to work in a smaller box, he can do it, ” he said. “This is a factor that is not present in all industries,” he says.

For Carl Dubé, these features allow the industry as a whole to show a better retention of the workforce than others. Michel Lacelle stresses in this regard that once people enter the insurance industry of damage, they leave very rarely.

Carl Dubé does not hide the fact that the workers ‘ insurance frequently change employers. “Despite this, young people tend to remain in the industry. “

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