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The CSA will report a unauthorized access to the national Database registration



July 30, 2018 13:30

The canadian securities administrators (CSA) have reported a recent unauthorised access to the national Database registration, the online tool used to register with the CSA.

According to the CSA, a former contractor with the government of Nunavut, which had already allowed access to the database while it was under contract, has gained access to the information electronically. “He then declared proactively that unauthorized access to the CSA staff. The access was immediately removed, and he is no longer able to access the information of the people listed on the database. “

Access to personal information of a person

The former entrepreneur has accessed the personal information of one registrant and professional information of certain registered persons engaged in with a single company. The CSA have informed the registered person whose personal information have been consulted and have communicated with the company in question.

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