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The customer experience at the heart of the readings of the head of digital, AXA


Micheline Bourque

May 16, 2018 07:00

Alban Jarry

If there is a sector highly challenged by the digital transformation and the marketing of the brand, it is the insurance sector.

Today, brands are becoming media. The insurance industry is right in this reality. Alban Jarry, ” Chief Digital Officer (or chief executive officer digital) at AXA France offers three books that deal with these issues.

President delegate and member of the scientific committee on digital and Big Data for École polytechnique assurance (EPA) in France, Alban Jarry is a regular contributor to prestigious publications (Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Echoes) on the digital transformation and the customer experience. In short, he knows about !

1) Metamorphoses of the managers in the digital era and the artificial intelligence

Cécile Dejoux and Emmanuelle Léon

Recently published, this book advances the premise that the metamorphosis of the manager is a must in the era of the digital transformation and artificial intelligence. It is aimed at managers and leaders to help them to find their place and redefine their role in this environment is very changeable.

Become a “manager enhanced” by the artificial intelligence, it is all well and good. But still it is necessary also to preserve the human values that remain fundamental. To Alban Jarry, it is crucial !

“The human still makes the difference and will do it again for a long time. The message that we deliver to the authors, is to find the best solutions for himself as manager, and take an active interest in what is happening in this ecosystem. “

The authors have interviewed different professionals and managers to know how their world of work. They look at the human being and the skills he will need (digital, agile, design thinking), on the working spaces (open space, teleworking, coworking, fablabs) and on collaboration (remote work, digital platforms, robots, and artificial intelligence).

“Since the post-war period, there has been an evolution of technological incredible. The man has always adapted. The technologies transform the business and this type of structure allows us to better understand this new reality and prepare for it, ” said Alban Jarry.

2) The toolbox of the marketing digital

Stéphane Truphème and Philippe Gastaud

This second book is addressed to SMES and to the people who have not yet integrated the digital strategy marketing. This book offers some 60 practical tools to help them transform their practice of marketing. This book will help you understand the marketing digital, what it is, how to use it well and how to avoid certain mistakes.

“One of the relevant aspects of this book, is that he is interested in another part of the transformation to digital is the relation that seeks to improve businesses with their customers, to know how best to target, how best to interact with these customers to offer more value and better quality services. In short, this book gives you tools that allow you to have a better commercial relationship simply “, said Alban Jarry.

3) Marketing and brand content strategy in the insurance

John Chezaubernard and Didier Le Gorrec

The field of insurance, has this in particular that it is not easy to maintain a continuous communication with its policyholders. The points of contact are few in number, and when a client needs to communicate with its insurer, it is usually because there is a problem or a situation to resolve.

So it was that the marketing brand transposes the communication by means of a content strategy, which will reach better targets. In this sense, the marketing of the brand represents both a paradigm shift and an opportunity. In the era where everything is social and everything is content, the brand becomes the content it broadcasts. It is important to understand.

“This book is an excellent complement to the other two. It will allow you to understand particularly what is a marketing brand, how to build a content strategy and how to choose the tools to support it. Today, marketing has an important role to play in creating a customer experience and the development of offers more personalized. The book draws on practical examples of insurance companies that make the marketing of the brand “, says Alban Jarry.

Micheline Bourque is the president and founder of the reading Club business. Its mission : to contribute to the development of business leaders, business people and professionals through activities and discussions around the book business in a perspective of discovery and learning.

Alternately, each month in the Journal of the insurance, it presents the conclusions of a book that a manager can apply in his daily life and the reading suggestions of a leader in the world of insurance.

The Club’s vision is to build a hub focused on learning and exchange around the reading business. At the dawn of its fourth year of existence, the membership of the Club continues to grow, both in Quebec and in France. Nearly 150 authors and many books have been enhanced through web-based platforms and the activities of the Club. Thanks to the contribution of many collaborators and the support of its partners, the Club is expected to a year 2018 # “wondrous”.

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