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The demographic change is accelerating


Hubert Roy

28 August, 2018 07:00

Photo : Unsplash

It is announced for several years. Demography will ensure that many workers will retire, although several delay this time. The demographic change is accelerating, however, year-to-year, say employers ‘ insurance.

“We are trying to preserve our people for as long as possible, said Patrice Jean, chief executive officer of Lussier Dale Parizeau. It will help us. It should, however, come to create work schedules for three or four days per week. It creates management challenges. It remains, nevertheless, a positive proposal in spite of the issues of the timetable and attendance of the personnel that may arise. “

Carl Dubé, vice-president, human resources, Desjardins Insurance, points out that the average retirement age moves a bit. Nevertheless, he asserts that it is clear statically that the shortage of labour is present. He recalled that, in 2025, 17 % of Canadian jobs will be filled by immigration.

“There is an exodus of babyboumeurs. It is speeding up. Young people need to evolve more quickly. At Desjardins, we have teams of managers under 30 years of age. It is also seen at the entrance to the quarry. Despite the statistics, it fills the needs “, said Mr. Dubé.

For Michel Lacelle, vice-president, organizational services, for eastern Canada, claims adjuster IndemniPro, there is an issue of transfer of knowledge that must also be addressed. “You need to put in place a process to speed it up. “

Jean-François Desautelssenior vice-president in Québec, Intact Insurance, believes that it will be necessary to segment the information in order to accelerate this transfer of knowledge. “We don’t have ten years in front of us. However, young people are skilled in communications. They are agile in nature. If they are well trained at the base, it will make a difference later. “

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