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The digital experience of the insurers is deficient, says J. D. Power



July 12, 2018 09:45

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A survey conducted by the consulting firm J. D. Power indicates that insurers are not up to the expectations of consumers in respect of communications and experience with digital. Conducted with 11 304 respondents americans, the questionnaire was designed to evaluate the performance digital insurers based on best practices and the perception of consumers regarding their interactions with the 19 largest property and casualty insurers in the United States.

“Customer expectations for digital experiences are based on brands digital as Amazon, Netflix and Uber. Whether we like it or not, these companies offer a digital experience against which insurers must compete. While many insurers are not of size, the leaders set for their best practices to build commitment, create a customized experience and deliver consistency across all the digital elements, ” stresses Tom Super, director of the insurance practice of damage at J. D. Power.

Lack of capacity

The results suggest that the platforms of insurers offer feature-deficient, despite a surface design is attractive. “Most of the deals digital insurers do not include capabilities specific to the insurance business, such as claims management, buying effective and the service of the police “, adds the firm.

Insurers that perform the best and have a better rating on the part of consumers own customized platforms, reveals the survey. In fact, they align product offerings with the needs of consumers and provide benefits tailored to certain customers.

Similarly, insurers that provide a uniform way of services, such as chat rooms or applications, obtain high scores in regards to the satisfaction, says J. D. Power.

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