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The digital platform EVO attracts the independent


Alain Thériault


Serge Therrien

18 July 2018 07:00

Denis Ricard | Photo : Denis Méthot

More than half of the independent advisors who deal with ai financial Group uses its digital platform to purchase life insurance EVO, launched a year ago.

Approximately 35 % of independent advisors used the old platform of the ai. They are now 55 percent use the EVO, which allows us to offer all insurance products individual life of the insurer.

This platform has been enhanced since its launch. More than 50% of insurance applications, individuals are now accepted in 15 minutes or less. IA was an acceptance rate of 40% at the launch of the EVO.

In the network of career, the use of the platform the EVO is a rite of passage. In the independent network, this however, was not won in advance. However, the wind turns to the good side.

“Brokers decide to place with us because we have the platform, EVO, observes the chief operating officer of iA Group financial, Denis Ricard. The important thing is the type of relationship that we have with the general agent and the advisors. “

Independent advisors place 75 % to 80 % of their business with the insurer, said Mr. Ricard. “We are very present with cultural communities. For example, advisors in the Toronto area will place 80 % of their business with us. For them, the rate of use of EVO is 100 %, as in the network career, ” said Mr. Ricard.

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