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The digital range of canadian insurers is not sufficient, reports J. D. Power



3 July 2019 09:30

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The digital range of canadian insurers do not arrive at the height of the expectations of consumers, reveals a survey conducted by the consulting firm J. D. Power. This is the same observation that the firm reported last year among property and casualty insurers, american.

This deficiency reflects a lack of digital maturity, which leaves the door open to the competition. Consumers say they are even willing to consider the offer of insurance of players external to the industry such as Amazon, Google and Uber, says J. D. Power.

More self-service tools requested

“The customer insurance of today expects that the supplier provides an experience that is seamless and effective across multiple channels, digital and offline,” said Tom Super, vice president of property and casualty insurance at J. D. Power. The 12 insurance companies that we evaluated in the framework of this report demonstrate a visible presence in regards to their offerings for digital, but they are still sorely needed to meet the expectations of the digital features of basic insurance. “

In effect, the consumers surveyed want to access more self-service features, reports the firm. They felt that self-service tools digital to which they have access are missing some key features, such as the management of policies across multiple products. They also wish that the various communication channels, including text messaging, the web, social networks and emails, can be better integrated.

“Property and casualty insurers canadians are on the right track, concedes Peter Smith, head of strategy at Centric Digital. They have made significant progress in Web design, but lack the capabilities specific to the industry, offered by many insurers in the us. In addition, many property and casualty insurers, canadians fail to create experiences that meet or exceed the expectations of consumers established in other sectors. “

Desjardins in the top of the list

J. D. Power evaluated twelve canadian insurers by surveying nearly 2,000 canadian consumers on their experience of online submission and existing customers that have conducted activities related to their insurance policy through digital channels over the last year.

Of the lot, Desjardins general insurance Group is the insurer who has obtained the highest rating in terms of technology. The survey results show that Desjardins is seen in the customer service, e-mail, social networks, tools for users, including for the tasks related directly to insurance such as claims and account management.

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