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The distribution of travel insurance varies from one ocean to the other


Justine Montminy

October 5, 2018 07:00

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Each province has its own regulation compared to the distribution of travel insurance.

In Quebec, the sale of travel insurance requires a licence and accident and sickness to a minimum. However, in some provinces such as British Columbia, it is possible for insurers to damage to sell of travel insurance.

“We are talking about approximately 1 % of the volume of business for brokers in the property and casualty insurance in British Columbia. Often the dealers will put the option on their website directly. The customers are accustomed to getting this type of insurance is this way “, explains the head of business development ofAllianz Global Assistance, Mélanie Lessard.

She adds that, in Quebec, an insurance broker could also sell travel insurance if the latter got the licence and accident and sickness. “It makes it a little less and the customers are not necessarily aware that they can approach their insurer to request travel insurance. “

At Manulife, we also note differences in the amount of insurance sold. “We are noticing that we sell more in Ontario and British Columbia. There is of course a question of population, but in general, the residents of these two provinces, travel more “, said the assistant vice-president of travel insurance with Manulife, Rob Iafrate. In these provinces, it is estimated that 90 % of people 55 years of age and most will buy travel insurance, ” he said.

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