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The firms ‘ wealth management world are preparing for the arrival of BigTech



29 June, 2018 13:30

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Firms of management of heritage throughout the world are preparing for the arrival of major technology companies (BigTech) in the market of high value by investing in technologies, such as automation and artificial intelligence, says the World Wealth Report of Capgemini.

The firm indicates that these investments are spread out over the next 24 months, although it is uncertain that companies like Google, Amazon and Apple linger to this market on a global scale.

Approach based on partnerships

“The most likely approach to the arrival of the BigTech on the market will be based on the establishment of partnerships through white label products and services of businesses in place or by employing models that support the asset management company with administrative processes,” explain the authors of the study.

The report also highlights the firms wealth management in custody : they will have to transform the way in which they are investing in the future and will need to step away from the budget models traditional to migrate to an approach based on a dynamic portfolio.

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