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The Group Ledor through time


Andrea Lubeck


Frédérique De Simone

12 June 2019 11:30

The proposed merger between the Groupe Ledor and The Capital mutual of the public administration has been approved by the members yesterday, during the extraordinary assembly.

Browse through the history of the Group since its inception in 2008, when two mutuals are separated from the Groupe Promutuel.

The financial results of the Group Ledor have known better days. Despite a loss of $ 3.6 million in 2018, Micheline Nadeau, director-general of Ledor, says that the insurer has recorded a growth of premiums of a little over 11% for the year. They are passed 60.5 M$ 67.3 M$ during the fiscal year. Since the beginning of the year, the growth amounted to 30 % according to Ms. Nadeau.

As stated by Jean-Pascal Lavoie, spokesman for The Capital, in an interview with, a publication sister-in-law of the Journal of insurance, the integration of the Group Ledor the insurer will redress the financial situation. “It is certain that by the size of The Capital, it will solve by itself some of the challenges that a smaller group may have. We are in development of our computer systems. We have a package of benefits, whether of our volume or scale, which allow us to have costs lower. “

The operating costs are also one of the reasons that prompted the Group Ledor to merge with The Capital.

The combined ratio of the insurer has, most of the time, smashed the bar 100 %. If an improvement is noted in relation to 2017, the combined ratio for 2018 is not restored.


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