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The IADQ, matching information and training to better train the professionals of the industry


Hubert Roy

March 29, 2018 07:00

Julie Saucier | Photo : Réjean Meloche

The Institut d’assurance de dommages du Québec (IADQ) focused on autonomous cars and the collaborative economy. in the past few months. Curious for a training organization ? No, said its director-general Julie Saucier, information and training can interconnect.

To ensure that the insurance professional is trained properly, it must be at the technical level, but also that he is aware of the latest trends affecting their work. It is in this light that the IADQ is developing its training program, ” said Ms. Saucier, the Journal of insurance met in mid-February.

The customer base of the Institute becomes more diverse thanks to this, she said. The nonprofit organization relies on its faithful, who have been present for years.

Technology is another area that the Institute follows closely. Of the 350 training courses that are available at the IADQ, 25 can be monitored remotely, online.

To enhance the training it provides, the Institute also looks at the side of the subjects most misunderstood, but where there is a skills to acquire. Ms. Saucier gives the example of one of the operating losses.

The expertise is lost

“We see it, there’s a expertise which is lost at the moment in insurance in Québec. Many subscribers of experience retire. Many times, there is no one of sufficiently qualified to take on this expertise and the insurer’s retention of this knowledge. One thus seeks to build formations in the sense to preserve this knowledge, with the collaboration of several brokers, in particular, ” said Ms. Saucier.

She adds that the Institute must make sure to adapt to this phenomenon in order to maintain its relevance. It is also said to keep the spirit of these predecessors, Lucien Bergeron , and Francois Houle, to preserve the achievements that the two men were respectively built.

“We look at what are the topics of the hour. We are going to look for trends. Climate change, autonomous vehicles and the Internet of things, there’s a key in our training. We try, however, to keep the technical side of things. The market itself has to adapt to these issues “, she says.

The IADQ, through theinsurance Institute of Canada, associates and researchers. The Conference Board of Canada is a regular contributor to the Institute. The latter transposes these topics in training. The IADQ the then adapts to the reality of québec.

“We are there for the technical training, but also for the subjects of the hour. The two are interrelated. “

A changing of the guard takes place

The companies that use the IADQ to build their training program do not only to fulfil the obligations that their employees must fill out and accumulate continuing educational units (CFU). “There is an incredible demand at this time. The big players are supporting us, both in direct distribution and in the brokerage. It is a big change. They can plan according to their needs, ” said Ms. Saucier.

One of the central elements of the strategic plan of the Institute is to increase its reputation. The body comes including a review of its mage and has moved into new offices in downtown Montreal. To this effect, they cite, moreover, François Jean, the next president of the board of directors of the Institute, who said, ” that one comes to the Institute to seek knowledge and you leave with the skills. “

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