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The insurance for identity theft should be part of financial planning, said Generali


Alain Thériault

October 3, 2018 09:30

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In this white paper, Industry Transformations Leave the Life Insurance Untouched, Generali Global Assistance advises insurers to increase their value in the eyes of customers with an offer of insurance in case of identity theft. This is according to the assistance company for protection that will play a role increasingly important in the financial planning of consumers.

“Protection against identity theft is a way for insurers to contribute to what will be the financial well-being of the consumers of the future,” she wrote in her white paper the subsidiary assistance of the Italian insurer Generali Group. It was a security feature that is currently missing in several programs of financial well-being, too focused on the accumulation of capital.

668 flaws it in 2018

“In the last few decades, insurance companies have attempted to offer peace of mind to their customers, but today’s consumers want a more comprehensive programme, which covers all aspects of their own well-being and financial. With 22 million pieces of data exposed at 668 vulnerabilities in 2018 only, customers realize to what point this protection becomes a critical part of their financial planning, ” says Paige Schaffer, president and chief operating officer of Generali Global Assistance.

It calls on insurers to take advantage of the relationship they have with their clients to address this need. The results of a survey presented in the white paper show that 46 % of consumers said they would turn to their life insurance company to get protection against identity theft. In addition, 79 % of consumers polled are worried about being victims of identity theft.

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