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The insurance industry is involved


Hubert Roy

April 6, 2018 07:00

Though she is a discreet presence, the insurance industry of damages supports the well-behaved Info-Crime Montréal.

The chairman of the board of directors is a well-known face in the world of property and casualty insurance. This isAndré Drolet, a former policeman, who now works for the firm of marking anti-theft Sherlock. Then, Aldo Arcaro, chairman of the cabinet-council Valori, occupies the vice-presidency of the council.

Other administrators from the industry are included. They include Jean-Pierre Harvey, d’iic, Simon Gagné, of The Capital, Jean-François Lussier, Aviva Canada, Simon Bédard, Promutuel Insurance, and Real Shepherd, the insurance Bureau of Canada.

The list of former presidents of the non-profit organization also has strong names known in the insurance industry. Raymond Medza, Samir Hasbani and Serge Lescarbeau .

How do you explain such support for the industry ? Jean Touchette, its CEO, said that the industry wins. Reduce crime can reduce the cost of an insurance bill. Any invoice that is related to a crime on a property that falls often on the desk of an insurer. “If you can make a survey, it is good for the insurer. He gains time to close a folder. “

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