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“The Internet sales of individual life insurance without a representative won’t happen ! “- Denis Ricard


Alain Thériault


Serge Therrien

June 27, 2018 07:00

Denis Ricard | Photo : Denis Méthot

The life insurance will be more difficult to the sale of insurance via the Internet without a representative. For individual life insurance Denis Ricard believes that it is unrealistic to believe that a client should do this transaction without talking to a professional.

“The sale of individual life insurance without a representative will not be made if there is not the emotional elements, that the representative brings,” said the chief operating officer ofiA Group financial, in an interview to the Journal of the insurance.

He believes that it is possible to connect with the customer directly online and bring a certain emotion in a virtual way. “We want to use technology to facilitate the task of the counselor, not to short-circuit it,” insists Mr. Ricard. He takes the example of the offering of its registered education savings plans (RESPS) online.

“If a client of auto insurance, ai bought a minivan, why not offer them online plan, registered education savings plans (RESPS) ? For the owner of a Mercedes two-seater, maybe the offer will be less relevant. We are working to consolidate data that will allow us to target potential customers. “

At the beginning, the advisors were apprehensive towards the offer of RESP online. But Denis Ricard, talk to them.

“The representative will be in the loop when we do this,” he said. Even if the transaction is made online, the representative will be paid. It is his client ! The advisors were happy to learn it because it gives them prospects ! “

iA continues to develop its digital platforms. In the individual insurance line of business, iA financial Group has doubled its investments in technology in three years. “We will capitalize$ 82 Million in it expenditures major, just for the year 2018, for all of our activities,” she said Yvon Charest, president and CEO of iA, also present at the interview.

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