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The lobbyists decide the fate of bill 141


Serge Therrien

23 May 2018 13:30

What is it that will be adopted in the draft law 141 by the end of the session on 15 June? “The fate of many articles is now in the hands of groups that lobby,” replied the Journal of insurance an actor very much aware of the progress of the work.

“In fact, everything now works to the blind. We are in the mist. It was all important. But now everything will depend on the lobbies, ” he chained.

With the approach of the June 15, next, the lack of time now serves as a steamroller on the discussions between parliamentarians gathered in the Committee on public finance to the study article by article the draft law 141. Thus, the lack of time that has decided the fate of the articles in insurance in the bill of 150 last Thursday.

Integration possible ?

Is it possible for the government to integrate these articles in the proposed act 141 ? “Yes, it is possible, but it is highly unlikely, says the same source. The amputation was made necessary to be able to focus on the articles related to Quebec’s budget. The cabinet had negotiated with the opposition, but it had become too heavy. “

Québec considers that it is unfortunate to see articles eliminated altogether. “The articles on the condos were requested since a long time to clean up this environment. With respect to the redemption of life insurance policies, the government has always thought that it was better to frame them rather than not to do so. “

The impact of the strike of the lawyers decried

Another source interviewed by the Journal of insurance for its part argues that all these delays are a result of the strike of the lawyers of the Government of Quebec. That came to an end in February 2017. It had lasted a little over four months, without counting the time it took for the lawyers to resume work.

The weight of the opposition

In such a context, who control the agenda adoption of the draft law ?

The pressures as well as the game of the opposition to eat into as much time as possible to delay its adoption, argued this expert. “One thing is certain, in this context, Nicolas Marceau, spokesperson in matters of public finance for the Parti Québécois has a lot of power, even more than when he was the minister of Finance. For its part, the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) is very little voluble. “

The weight of Mr. Marceau in the discussions has also been stressed in the most recent edition of the Current government, an information service daily independent and prepared by the team of parliamentary Mail. You can read that Mr. Marceau has proposed an amendment that changed the name of the bill 150, which became Law in favor of a better supervision of the digital economy in the field of electronic commerce transportation paid people and tourist accommodation and amending various legislative provisions.

The pressure groups go directly to the policy

Recently, in the corridors of government, it is observed that pressure groups are now directly at the political level to assert their point of view, ” remarked one of the sources interviewed by the Journal of insurance.

That is one of the major challenges of the project of act 141, the integration of Chambers within the Authority of the financial markets ? Nobody pronounces. “But as Nicolas Marceau keeps repeating that he wants to be convinced that this is a good thing, the discussion is likely to be long “, said a source close to the folder.

The integration of the Chambers in preparation?

In the meantime, the rumor circulates that thefinancial markets Authority is preparing for the integration of Rooms. Our sources have confirmed the all.

The Journal of insurance has joined the Authority to validate the whole. At the time of the publication of the present text, the regulator had not responded to our message.

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