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The majority of the injuries suffered in April in the United States are insured



May 13, 2019 11:30

The United States have experienced a series of cocktails weather in April including the economic damage amounted to several billion dollars, reports the consulting firm Aon in its monthly compilation of disasters. According to his calculations, the majority of the costs are insured.

The first of two tornadoes major landfall in the South and east of the country has caused alone, about 925 million us dollars (M US$), of which 700 MILLION US$ are insured.

In the regions of the plains, the Midwest, and the south-east, a quarantine of tornadoes confirmed, mixed by torrential rains, have had the effect of causing flooding along the Mississippi river. The total economic loss is assessed at several hundred million. Now, only the majority of the damage had not been caused by the floods will be covered by insurers, says Aon.

More than a dozen states have been affected by more than 250 tornadoes have touched ground, indicate of non-official data from Aon. It is the highest number since 2011.

More than twenty people have lost their lives as a result of these tornadoes.

At the beginning of the month, thunderstorms and hail the size of a soft ball, have led to damages of US$ 250 MILLION, of which$ 190 MILLION of US are covered.

Finally, a late winter storm has reached the US$ 100 MILLION in economic losses in the states of Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota and Minnesota. The insured portion of these damages has not been specified.

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