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The market of the bond now has his collection


Charles Mathieu

30 May 2019 11:30

Geneviève Morin

The Regroupement québécois of the bond (RQP), founded by Geneviève Morin, director, bond and associate with MP2B, aims to ensure the sustainability of the jobs in this sector of the insurance. The association held its inaugural cocktail on the 23rd of may.

“Locally, in Quebec, there was really no association or grouping dedicated to the bond. It is an industry that is growing and that is always in need of new people interested in the environment, ” says Ms. Morin, in an interview to the Journal of the insurance. There are more people than you think who work in this industry. It remains that it is an industry that is very nestled. “

Of interest to all stakeholders in Quebec

Geneviève Morin says that the number one challenge of the non-profit organization (NPO) is known everywhere in Quebec. “The professional bond, it is spread a bit everywhere. Especially at the level of the brokerage. It’s going to be a person of a bond in each branch. For us, this will be a challenge to gather through Quebec, all professionals. “

The collection will host events in cooperation with professional associations. Ms. Morin gave as an example the Order of engineers. “The more we talk about it, the more people will be interested in it. We want to ensure that people have a value to understand that together we are stronger. “

It aims to attract succession within the industry. “The consolidation will help the members to implement a mentoring program in some universities to go to generate interest among the professions in the bond,” explains Geneviève Morin. It aims to attract students who complete their bachelor’s degree and those who are seeking an internship.

Education programs reinforced

According to Geneviève Morin, the bond is a “grey area” in the training programs currently offered. Also, she has decided to make education bail his horse of battle ” in the short or medium term “. According to her, a training program dedicated to stakeholder security would provide a better framework for the profession.

“There is no minimum training recognized, necessary, mandatory to work in the surety industry in Quebec. It comes looking for me, because it handles information fragile and confidential. In addition, it is not regulated either by the AMF, ” says Ms. Morin.

To achieve its purpose, it relies on new technologies. “We want to do panels, you might want to offer online training, with videos and other “, she said.

6 members to start

The Aggregation now has six members, MP2B, Northbridge Bond, Surety expert, Aviva Canada , and two law firms.

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