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The merger of Ledor and The Capital approved


Andrea Lubeck

June 12, 2019 09:30

Photo : Freepik

The members present at the special meeting of Ledor Assurances approved “by majority” the proposed merger with The Capital mutual of the public administration.

His transformation into the insurance company’s share capital was also approved.

Ledor becomes a subsidiary of The Capital city, reveals the insurer in a press release.

“The benefits and coverages of insurance policies in force at Ledor Assurances are maintained and the customer service continues to be delivered across the network “, adds the company.

Welcome members and employees

In an interview with, a publication sister-in-law of the Journal of insurance, Micheline Nadeau, director-general of Ledor Assurances, said that members and staff viewed the merger favourably. “The members are very positive about the project, the employees also. I think it is encouraging for them to be able to continue to practice their craft in The Capital. “

For its part, The Capital will now add a new market : agricultural insurance. The presence in rural areas of Ledor also allows The Capital to expand its reach.

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