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The milléniaux will represent 56 % of the workforce of the industry by 2024, provides for the Coalition


Jean Blouin

May 14, 2018 07:00

Johanne Lamanque | Photo : Réjean Meloche

President of the board of directors of the Coalition for the promotion of professions in the property and casualty insurance, Johanne Lamanque sounding the alarm.

“Our survey 2017 has revealed that the insurance industry of damages must provide 3 500 positions of agent, broker and adjuster in the course of the next two years only. This shortage of labour is due mainly to retirement, to the growth of our sector and the new skills required by the technology. More than ever, the future of our industry goes through succession. “

The Coalition brings together some 200 companies, including major players in the industry, regardless of their business model. It is a unique solution, and proactive. It works with the 30 colleges that offer training in insurance and a number of initiatives encouragement and mentoring to young people enrolled. It is also present in various congresses and has its own Internet site.

“By 2024, the young milléniaux will represent 56 % of our workforce,” says Ms. Lamanque. It is a great challenge for our members. The competition is big within the industry, but also with other industries. He’ll have to adapt also. “

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