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The month of may has been the best year for ETFS in Canada



June 6, 2019 11:30

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Exchange-traded funds (ETFS) in canadian recorded net inflows monthly the most important of the year in may, or $ 4.3 billion dollars (G$).

A report of the National Bank shows that about half of this money has been allocated to the ETF iShares S&P TSX 60, which often hosts large flows of institutional investors. The remaining funds were divided between ETF canadian equity, ETF and fixed income assets multiple.

The ETF of canadian stocks ($2.6 billion) were the main winners. In contrast, the ETF of us stocks registered slight losses after four months of high traffic. The ETF of international equities have lost $ 24 million in outflows and ETF emerging markets have been hit the hardest.

In addition, the pace of new launches has started to accelerate in may, the report said. Five suppliers have launched a total of 11 products, including sectors such as uranium, cyber security and technology scope.

A number of providers have launched new offerings in the ETFS in may.

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