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The most common disasters in the insurance of pleasure boats


Justine Montminy

June 12, 2018 07:00

The main causes of loss of the vessels remain the same from year to year. The first cause of loss reported is the collision at the bottom of the water.

“Collisions are often connected to the temperature. They arise when one has a very hot summer with little precipitation. The propellers and engines of the boats are damaged, ” says Pierre Duchesne, coordinator, individual insurance at The Capital.

The full-flight of boats are also an issue for the insurers. The latter report that the flights are mainly done when the boat is on a trailer.

“Some categories of boats are most at risk. From 2008 to 2010, there was a lot more flights than today. We try to educate clients to be cautious “, said the director ofApril Marine Canada, Marie-Eve Paquette.

Natural disasters and damage caused by animals are also reported, but are less common in Quebec. Rodents can find refuge in the boats, for example.

“If a raccoon takes refuge in a boat during the winter, it could give birth to her babies inside the boat and damage the furniture and accessories. It could also damage the internal wiring and the fiber glass. It can cause significant damage, ” says Rola Nasser, director of operations and business development of Pacific Marine.

First Canada Insurance has delayed some claims since its arrival on the québec market in 2017. “We had a lot of rainfall, which has avoided collisions with the bottom of the water. Practically no cases of theft have been reported “, says the director of First Canadian Insurance in Quebec, Shirley Gauthier.

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