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19 December, 2018 09:30

When the year 2018 comes to a close, the Journal of the insurance offers to you to read or re-read the 10 articles most viewed on his site, both in terms of damage insurance and insurance of persons. A look back on a year marked by the adoption of bill 141, the case of Samuel Archibald and the sale of insurance products via the Internet.


Wawanesa change of distribution model in Quebec

Wawanesa is now an insurer 100 % to the brokerage, after having swapped the direct distribution for the model brokerage in Québec. The beautiful province was the last in the country where the insurer had a distribution model direct. Already, eleven brokerage firms have signed agreements with Wawanesa.

For more information :

Wawanesa, barter the direct distribution to the brokerage in Quebec

Generation Y in the spotlight

This year, the Journal of insurance has made its list of the next generation of insurance. Nominated by colleagues or by themselves, the 40 professionals chosen by a jury were able to stand out.

For more information :

The New leaders : insurance industry at the time of the Generation Y

The Personal and Desjardins are the subject of a request for collective action

In a history of use of personal data, The Personal , and its parent company , Desjardins group have been the subject of a class action claim. Since then, insurers have responded by admitting to have only raised the credit rating of the applicant without the latter has given his explicit consent, but denied that he used this information to deny the claim of the insured.

For more information :

A class action is organized against The Personal and Desjardins

Already of Internet sales at Desjardins

From December 2017, the Desjardins general insurance Group enables consumers to obtain an car insurance fully online. Home insurance was added later.

For more information :

Internet sales : the machine is running at Desjardins

Bill 141 is adopted

After years of debate and postponement, the bill 141, formerly known as the Act 188 was adopted on 13 June last.

For more information :

Bill 141 has been adopted

Always so difficult to provide a carrier that will in the United States

The setbacks in the insurance sector trucking is ongoing, while several insurers have withdrawn from the market.

For more information :

Insurance trucking : it is difficult to ensure that a carrier from the United States

The dealers in the crosshairs of the Authority

The practices of dealers and insurers in terms of insurance replacement (F. P. Q. no. 5) have been the subject of a thorough review by theAuthority of the financial markets in the wake of many consumer complaints. Compensation practices, disclosure, and the option of compensation vehicle replacement are among the practices in the cross hairs of the regulator.

For more information :

The Authority tightens the requirements for dealers and insurers

Changing of the guard at Lussier Dale Parizeau

The CEO of the largest brokerage firm in Quebec, Patrice Jean, was thanked for his services in mid-November. André Lussier, president of the board of directors of Lussier Dale Parizeaucited “different visions and important” of the company as grounds for dismissal.

For more information :

Patrice Jean is no longer CEO of Lussier Dale Parizeau

The Journal of insurance reveals the top 40 largest brokerage firms in Quebec

Again this year, the Journal of insurance has published a list of the top 40 largest brokerage firms in Quebec. This is Lussier Dale Parizeau who once again holds the first place.

For more information :

The 40 largest brokerage firms in Quebec — 2018

Echelon Insurance passes under the fold of CAA Club Group

The holding company which owned Echelon Insurance, Step Financial Holdings, has sold its canadian subsidiary to CAA Club Group for an amount of $ 175 million. A vote to approve the transaction by the shareholders of the company to be held in January, then close to the mid-year 2019.

For more information :

Echelon Insurance sold to CAA Club Group



Desjardins covers all cancers

With its new product, Priority health, Desjardins financial Security, now covers all cancers and abolishes the survival period of 30 days that the product Priority health replaces, Calm, imposed in the event of a cancer diagnosis.

For more information :

Desjardins now covers all cancers

Lussier Dale Parizeau adds actuarial consulting to its products

The acquisition of the firm Trinome Advice by Lussier Dale Parizeau last July has enabled the latter to add several new expertise, including actuarial consulting and human resources, in addition enhance its sector of the insurance collective.

For more information :

Lussier Dale Parizeau acquires Trinome Conseils

The death is announced of the Rooms cancelled

Although the first version of the project of act 141 provided for the integration of the Chamber of damage insurance and of the Chamber of financial security to thefinancial markets Authority, Carlos Leitao has finally done a volteface to ensure the adoption of the draft law mammoth.

For more information :

Carlos Leitão is volteface and maintains the two Chambers reluctantly

Three life insurers pinched for practices related to the distribution of products for credit card holders

Thefinancial markets Authority has imposed administrative penalties totaling $ 2.1 million at Manufacturers life, Canada Life and ACE INA to have sold products to credit card holders of Sears stores. They have all admitted to not having complied with certain provisions of the act, because they offered these products through firms télémarkéting, or persons who are not certified.

For more information :

Products linked to credit cards : 3 life insurers heavily penalized

The history of Samuel Archibald cause a stir in the National Assembly

The case of Samuel Archibald, a professor who was denied his disability benefits by her group insurer, has struck a chord with the public finance Commission. The member for Pointe-aux-Trembles of the time, Nicole Light, has repeated the concerns of the Chamber of financial security in relation to the sale by Internet. The latter believed that the case of Dr. Archibald ” was perhaps a fore-taste of what consumers will experience when the project is of act 141 adopted “.

For more information :

Internet sales : the case of Archibald ignites political debates

The case of Samuel Archibald : the House expressed its concerns

Carl Laflamme recruited by The Capital

Carl Laflamme has left SSQ Insurance at the end of a 27-year career at the insurer, including 25 in group insurance. He has subsequently joined the ranks of The Capital as an adviser to Mario Albert, executive vice-president of group insurance.

For more information :

Carl Laflamme leaves SSQ

Denis Ricard became the CEO of ai Group financial

Denis Ricard, acceded to the post of chairman and managing director ofai financial Group in September of last year, replacing d’Yvon Charest, who has retired.

For more information :

Yvon Charest will retire ; and Denis Ricard will replace him as CEO

Schemes of misappropriation of funds released by the Authority

Companies Association of Hospitalization Canassurance (Québec Blue Cross) and Canassurance insurance company, and certain of their officers, were sentenced to administrative penalties totaling $ 2.32 million dollars in connection with fraudulent misappropriation of funds set up by two employees between 2009 and 2013.

For more information :

Canassurance and officers écopent of administrative sanctions of more than$2.3 Million

Two leaders of SFL leave the network

Nathalie Bertrand and her husband Matthew Campion, respectively the former owner and the associate director of the Center SFL of Old Montreal, left the network SFL. They spoke of the change of the business model of the network and the willingness to serve the middle class as a reason for their departure.

For more information :

Nathalie Bertrand and Mathieu Campion leave the network, SFL

Critical of the role of the advisor in group insurance in the (fire) bill 150

Bill 150, which was eventually aborted due to lack of time for its adoption, provided for a profound transformation of the role of the certified representative in group insurance. An interpretation of a provision of the project allow to believe that it was no longer necessary to hold a licence to distribute group insurance in Quebec.

For more information :

Collective : the certified representative will be rendered obsolete by the bill 150

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