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The need for training is very large, ” said Julie Saucier


Hubert Roy

March 29, 2018 07:00

Julie Saucier | Photo : Réjean Meloche

How Julie Saucier qualifies the need of training in damage insurance ? “It is very great “, said the director general of theInstitut d’assurance de dommages du Québec (IADQ).

“Quebec is a shortage of labour. It leaves big holes, ” she said.

She gives as an example the sector of agricultural insurance. The director-general of the IADQ points out that there are less people skilled and knowledgeable. Often, these people are developed in-house companies. The Institute is considering how it can intervene in such segments with acute needs training.

Also, with the aging of the population, it is important to talk about succession, ” said Ms. Saucier. “They have to go looking,” she adds. The industry must work to embark on this succession, because at first sight, the insurance, this is not sexy. It is, however, very varied. When people come in, they are surprised. They do not expect it. They found amazing opportunities. “

She adds that the insurance industry has also the quality to be able to develop its managers within its own ranks, which is not the case in any industry. “It is necessary to respond to what young people want. Employers must therefore be flexible at the level of the zone, in particular if one wants to attract in the region “, said Ms. Saucier.

The newcomers will be a solution to counter this shortage of labor insurance. The Institute in the form of entering the country with zero knowledge of insurance. Four weeks ‘ training room is provided.

“There’s a way to make a good life insurance for them. It is also a great way for companies in insurance recruiting. The newcomers are motivated people, who easily pass their exam to get their permit, ” said Ms. Saucier.

In some cases, the bar is high for these people. Those who arrive in the Middle East have rarely been witness to floods in their life. They do not know necessarily what is a French drain. “When it is the form, this is not just in order that they pass their licence. We want that they understand what is insurance. “

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