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The needs of customers are changing, but the important principles remain


Alain Castonguay

8 July 2019 13:30

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The needs of customers are changing, but the important principles remain, as noted by the specialists of Deloitte, at the conference InsurTech Quebec, which took place last April.

First, the client does not like surprises and the product must be predictable. Then, the relevance of the advisers is always important. Third, the personalization of the relationship is perceived by the consumer as being a right, not a privilege. The disappointment is not getting the material. Fourth, the insurer must be consistent, and deliver the results promised at the time of subscription. Finally, the consumer must have the freedom to choose the benefits they want without having it imposed.

Not just the young

Importantly, the insurers existing must stop believing that only the young generation of consumers will require interaction in digital mode. An increasingly higher proportion of high customers aged 35 to 54 years (36 %) say they are ready to buy insurance through their mobile phones, and they are quite as numerous as the 18-34 age group (37 %) to take out a policy via the web.

According to a survey commissioned by Deloitte in 2017, canadian consumers say they are ready to learn more about the related services offered by the insurers, for example, to receive help to find a construction contractor or a good mechanical workshop.

New players not to be overlooked

In addition, the industry should not overlook the possible emergence of a new player in the market, but the brand is well known in the general public. This is the case ofAmazon , which is preparing to recruit staff in the Uk and then penetrate the insurance market in Europe.

The company has the reputation of putting the needs of the consumer at the centre of its business processes, and respond quickly. The manufacturer Tesla itself has created its own insurance scheme to buyers of its electric cars, in addition to providing them life insurance cover.

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