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The New leaders in insurance – Annie Giguère


Justine Montminy

April 25, 2018 09:00

Director, product development and marketing for group insurance and travel insurance for individual
The Capital insurance and financial services

What are its accomplishments since she made a career in the insurance industry ?

Annie is in the insurance industry for over 9 years. His experience in product development and marketing, as well as his baggage methodological focus on the intersectionality have helped to bring a consistency in the service being sold, according to his employer. Annie is, among others, to the origin of the establishment of a multi-disciplinary team to stimulate the complementarity of expertise in the development of new solutions.

Since his arrival at The Capital, Annie has participated in the development of many products. Among his accomplishments are the development of a product for pensioners, the establishment of a partnership with AON, the creation of the product Action 2-50 aimed at SMES and VIVA health programme in business which aims to promote the adoption of healthy life habits in the workplace.

Why the insurance and financial services passionate about ?

The insurance industry represents for her a source of personal development. It is stimulated by the multiple professionals of the health, finance and environment relationship that she rubs shoulders with every day. The insurance field she is passionate about. Annie is convinced that people in the middle can make a real difference in the health of employees and the financial health of the company.

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