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The New leaders in insurance – François Bruneau


Justine Montminy

April 25, 2018 09:00

Administration Vice president – Investment
Groupe Cloutier Investments

What are his accomplishments since he made a career in the insurance industry ?

François began his career in the field of financial services in 4Folium in 2004. It is entered in Group Cloutier Investment 11 years ago as director of administrative services – Investment. On his arrival in the company, he was given the mission to establish a firm savings in Trois-Rivières. The foundation of this firm, is still today the achievement he is most proud of. For the past two years, he held the position of vice-president of the same division.

In recent years, Francis becomes more involved in the financial services industry. He participated in the activities of the operations committee of the Board of the investment fund of Québec (CFIQ). There is also a seat on the board of governors for two years. In may of last year, Francis has been chosen to be part of the advisory Committee on the investment products set up by the financial markets Authority.

Why the insurance and financial services passionate about?

Francis admits to have arrived in the area of financial services a little bit by accident. A chance of the life he can now do a job that they feel passionate about. He is passionate about the dynamism that characterizes the world of financial services. Francis was pleased with the lack of routine that allows him to touch many aspects of the profession. The industry continues to change and evolve, mainly because of the advanced technology. He is greatly motivated by these new challenges and wants to contribute to the meeting.

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