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The New leaders in insurance – Jean-Michel Lavoie


Justine Montminy

April 25, 2018 09:00

Photo: Rene-Pierre Normandeau

Assistant Vice president, product design, group benefits
Sun Life Financial

What are his accomplishments since he made a career in the insurance industry ?

A pharmacist by training, Jean-Michel has chosen to turn to the insurance. In 2013, he joined Sun Life Financial as a director, guarantees of reimbursement of costs of medicines. Currently, he is the leader of the team of Product management to group benefits. Twenty people are Jean-Michel.

His in-depth knowledge of the health have allowed him to actively contribute to innovation-related strategic to catastrophic drug. He also participated in the launches of new solutions, such as cognitive-behavioural therapy and virtual an initiative in pharmacogenetics.

Why the insurance and financial services passionate about ?

Jean-Michel loves his work environment. He considers that he works with people who have inspiring and brilliant. According to him, his field is a perfect combination between the management, finance, and health. His job the stimulates on a daily basis. He combines his passion for finance and health to help clients achieve financial security in a sustainable and a healthy lifestyle.

He likes to participate to form the next generation. It is the supervision of pharmacy students for several years. It welcomes students at the end of the programme, in order to make them discover that they are not forced to work in a pharmacy, or a hospital after their studies.

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