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The New leaders in insurance – Nicolas Gilbert


Justine Montminy

April 25, 2018 09:00

Director of retention
La Capitale financial group

What are his accomplishments since he made a career in the insurance industry ?

Nicolas Gilbert has joined Capital financial group in 2011 as an agent of personal insurance, then as an agent for insurance companies by the following. Since 2016, he is the director of retention. Nicolas placed on the proximity of the agents to provide them with individual coaching that stands out. He believes that by giving them a better experience of coaching, they will offer a better customer experience.

Nicolas has accumulated the particulars since its inception in the insurer. In 2011, he was named rookie of the year among the officers of the branch network of the vice-president — sales and fidélisations. In 2012, he is ranked in the top 10 of the best agents of the same network.

Why does he continue his career in the industry ?

For Nicolas, the insurance is an exciting industry that is constantly evolving. New technologies and competitiveness in the middle the grow to be creative and proactive, to distinguish themselves. Nicolas is greatly facilitated by the surpassing of oneself, and by the satisfaction to serve the client.

The challenges that are presented to him to enable him to take advantage of the opportunities so they can exceed on a daily basis. Nicolas is fascinated by the learning opportunities that present themselves to him. He wants to feel useful and continue to transmit his passion of the insurance to the members of its teams.

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