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The number of hires made to compensate for the retirements decrease


Hubert Roy

24 October 2018 13:30

Robert LaGarde

Between 2011 and 2016, nearly 50 % of hires in the insurance of damages were intended to compensate for the departure of employees, including for retirement. This proportion is 40 % in 2017 and 2018.

This data comes from the Coalition for the promotion of professions in the property and casualty insurance. The organization has partnered with Finance Montréal to commission a study to look at the company Aviseo Council in order to establish an action plan to determine the skills of the future professionals of the industry.

The Coalition is also reveals that 60 % of the hires in the property and casualty insurance are designed to support the growth of businesses. The industry has, therefore, a large requirement of skilled workforce, said its president and chief executive officer Robert LaGarde.

He adds that employers are looking for candidates with interpersonal skills high, positioning themselves more as advisors than salespeople. Mr. LaGarde also indicates that employers prefer learning by practice. Thus, the meaning of customer service, analytical skills and sales skills are skills coveted.

A plan of action is coming up

Mr. LaGarde adds that changes in consumer behaviour change. The emergence of new technologies also has an impact.

“In search of a life-changing experience, the customer expects a more personalised service in the same way as the one that he would get a lawyer or a financial planner, for example. If the skills are at the heart of the expectations of employers, certain tasks are less complex could be now executed by automated processes and robotics, ” said Mr. LaGarde.

The Coalition gathered today representatives of industry and education centres to discuss the findings of the study and conduct workshops on co-creation. “This meeting is expected to come from an action plan which is the key to success is the involvement of companies and educational institutions with the Coalition “, reveals Mr. Lagarde.

The result ? To read next Monday

The problem to be corrected, is that the schools are not in adequacy with the needs of the industry, says the Coalition., a newsletter, Web with wall charges belonging to the Journal of insurance, will address this issue raised by this study in its edition of next Monday. To subscribe, click here.

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