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The number of stolen vehicles in Québec is decreasing


Charles Mathieu

23 July 2019 13:30

The number of theft of motor vehicle decreased by about 4 % in Quebec in 2018. This is what revealed the latest Statistics on police-reported crimes, published by Statistics Canada on July 22.

In Quebec, the total number of stolen vehicles rose from 12 894 12 455 between 2017 and 2018. Thus, 34 automobiles are stolen daily in the province.

Statistics Canada notes that the total of car thefts has increased in Quebec (5 %), Gatineau (28 %) and Three Rivers (10 %). However, this number has decreased in the cities of Montreal (8 %) and Sherbrooke (19 %).

In addition, the rate for 100 000 inhabitants has decreased by about 4.5 % from 2017, and approximately 20 % from 2014.

Source : Statistics Canada.

Note that in Canada, the rate for 100 000 inhabitants has stagnated, rising from 232,93 to 232,42. The number of stolen vehicles has increased by 1 % to 83 132.

The insured must remain vigilant

CAA-Quebec says that despite this reduction, the insured must remain cautious.

“Insurers are looking closely at the statistics on the crime. If your part of the country is quiet at possible, so much the better, it should cost you less to ensure. But of course, the reverse is also true, ” says Suzanne Michaud, vice-president, insurance for CAA-Quebec.

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