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The Personal could compensate about 8 500 clients


Charles Mathieu

12 August 2019 11:30

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A settlement agreement has been negotiated between Kalevi Haikola and the insurance company The Personal to the filing of a collective action in February 2018. The insurer would have breached, according to the applicant, to the Law on the protection of personal information and electronic documents.

The Personal would be required to access the credit file of its policyholders in the management of their claims with respect to automobile insurance. The class action case of customers whose credit record would have been viewed by the insurer after the January 18, 2012.

“A settlement is a compromise to quickly resolve a dispute in a manner full and final, without an acknowledgement or finding of liability or wrongdoing against the defendants. The defendants deny any liability or wrongdoing and, in the event the settlement is not approved, they will launch the action, ” says the law firm Waddell Phillips, who is in charge of the case, by way of a press release.

An agreement of more than$ 2 Million

The amount negotiated by the two parties is 2 200 000 $. However, the agreement must be approved by the Court. A hearing will take place on 7 October in Toronto. “If it is approved, the settlement fund will be used to pay the pro rata portion of all class members who submit a valid claim,” says the firm.

In addition, it argues that during the hearing, the plaintiff will attempt to obtain a refund of legal fees “to the settlement fund” of $ 500,000 plus fees and compensation ” for the efforts to institute this action on behalf of the group.

Currently, 8 525 people are part of the group behind the collective action. Thus, if all the members of the group are reimbursed, they will each receive about $150.

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