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The problem of the aggregators


Hubert Roy

August 27, 2019 09:30

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In the United Kingdom, the aggregators have established themselves with consumers who are looking for life insurance, so that two-thirds of the auto insurance policies there are magasinées.

The research firm GlobalData looked at the pricing offered by these sites of comparison in their recent report on UK Insurance Aggregators 2019. She has discovered that the use of these sites can lead to some confusion in the minds of consumers.

80 £ difference for a product of £ 300

The researchers at GlobalData have compared the prices offered by the big four comparison sites uk to measure the disparity. They have chosen the product most basic possible, an insurance for pets. They found a variation of up to 80 pounds sterling ( £ ), for a product which is comprised of a little over 300 £,

In fact aggregators and provide, respectively, that product at the price of 293,50 £ and 297,98 £. As to and Moneysupermarket.comthe price goes to 375,52 £ and 374,90 £.

Compare the comparators

And this is only an example, as the report demonstrates, says Ben Carey-Evans, an analyst at GlobalData. These disparities are repeated in all the products that one can shop at these aggregators, ” he said.

“This causes confusion and makes it less convenient to their use,” he says. This is not a surprise to see that the prices vary, but in some cases, the difference is alarming. These sites claim to be on the side of the consumer, on the grounds that they make buying insurance faster. If, however, consumers compare these sites, and they have an interest to do so, they will realize that the argument of the comparison made for them does not hold the road. “

In support of his comments, Mr. Carey-Evans gives as an example the case of the insurer , The Insurance Emporium. It was listed by the four aggregators we mentioned above. GlobalData has compared the rates offered by these aggregators for a same customer profile. Again, the price differences were marked, ranging from 222,40 £ in to 353,76 £ in and

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