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The results of property and CASUALTY insurance to individuals still in decline in the United States



5 July 2018 13:30

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The results of property and casualty insurers, american insurance of individuals experiencing a decline for a fourth consecutive year, according to a report from the firm credit rating Fitch Ratings. Losses, however, warrants are not due to the results of the motor insurance market.

Home insurance in question

The segment of the insurance house has registered a setback after four years of strong underwriting profits, while its combined ratio amounted to 107 per cent by 2017. These results are related to catastrophe losses.

“The segment housing is traditionally more volatile, which has had a higher combined ratio than the automotive segment for the first time since 2012,” says James Auden, managing director at Fitch Ratings.

The sector of personal insurance, which represents 55 % of net premiums written in the United States, has seen its combined ratio rise 103.8 % for 2017, says Fitch.

Signs of improvement in automotive

In contrast, the automotive segment shows signs of improvement “after years of rate and inadequate strong claims,” says the firm. Although the losses in subscription remained high for the year, the combined ratio has fallen by almost four points to reach 102,6 %.

Personal auto insurance is one of the segments that have the highest growth, with a 7% increase in net premiums written over the past two years, ahead of Fitch.

The company is optimistic and believes that the combined ratio in personal auto will be around 100 % for 2018, and that the home insurance will present new underwriting profits.

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