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The role of the Foundation Medavie : supporting young


Alain Thériault

12 July 2018 07:00

Photo : Jesús Rodríguez (Unsplash)

Bernard Lord has given an example in montreal the Foundation Medavie health can do to help in the development of initiatives related to health. He mentioned the body In the street, among those supported by the Foundation.

In may 2017, the Foundation Medavie has awarded 780 000 $ to the community organization to improve the services for young homeless people. The project should last for four years, and will be focused on the prevention, early detection, rapid response, and social inclusion by the provision of a comprehensive support in mental health with homeless youth and at-risk aged 12 to 25 years.

The Foundation explains that young people at risk or experiencing homelessness will have access to better mental health support, is aimed at faster processing of psychological distress and help them to make the transition to stable housing. She reports that approximately 76 % of young people who are using the body In the street are reported to be in poor or very poor mental health.

“One of the priorities of the Foundation is to give young Canadians the support they need to live the best possible, said Mr. Lord. Ensuring that at-risk youth and homeless persons have access to care and mental health services adequate to the time and place where they need it, we can guide them toward the path of autonomy. It is also an example of another type of health care, which does not begin in the office of a physician, but rather, in our community centres and our streets. “

The Foundation Medavie health also based in Quebec, Revive, Balance and the Foundation’s Young people in mind. Medavie has also supported The Foundation Jovia by a limited partnership of Medavie Blue Cross.


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