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The spring floods have caused$ 127 Million in insured damages in Quebec


Andrea Lubeck

3 July 2019 13:30

Photo : Unsplash

The spring floods, which have affected 9 800 households in quebec, have caused insured damage of $ 127 million ($M) in Quebec only. According to the data collected by the firm CatIQ and relayed by the insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC), the provinces of Ontario and New Brunswick have each suffered insured damage to, respectively,$ 74 Million and$ 6 Million. In total, it is 208 M$ of insured losses that have been incurred.

The TRAY attributed mainly to the damage to the overflow of rivers, ” which led to the flooding of roads and basements, disposal of vehicles and the movement of foundations of houses.” In addition, the heavy rains have caused leaks in roofs and sewer backups, ” explains the organization.

“Before the floods, the water levels in the affected areas were already high due to the abundant rains and the melting of the snows which had taken place earlier. The threat of an increase of heavy rains and melting snow has led to watches and warnings of flooding in Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick, ” writes the paper TRAY.

The damage is distributed to nearly$ 160 Million in home insurance, nearly$ 40 Million in business insurance and more than$ 10 Million in automobile insurance.

New call for a national action plan

The balance sheet of the spring flood is an occasion for IBC to appeal to governments for the implementation of a national action plan on floods. It recommends that you move the people from areas at risk, to educate Canadians about the risks of the floods, to invest in defence against the floods, to give all Canadians access to affordable coverage and to put an end to construction in the floodplain.

Last month, the BAC had taken a full page ad in the daily newspaper the toronto Globe and Mail at the same time as he filed his report in which are presented the three solutions for protecting Canadians against flooding.

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