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The spring is not of any rest in Ontario


Andrea Lubeck

April 8, 2019 09:30

Photo : Unsplash

After having experienced the beginning of the year cost, the province of Ontario undergoes again the escapades of the climate, so that the thaw will cause insured losses of $ 70 million (M$).

The rapid freezing of the beginning of February was followed by a period of rise in temperature, leading to melting snow, ice jams and flooding. Heavy rains followed in early march, and combined with warmer temperatures, have also led to flooding, reports the insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) and the firm CatIQ.

Two cocktails weather

The first event occurred on 4 February, affecting the whole of the province. “Many cases of water-related damage resulting from this event have been reported, including leaks in the basement, sewer backup and burst pipes. A main water pipe exploded in the centre of the city of Toronto has created two sinkholes. The roads are flooded in Ottawa and Cornwall, due to the presence of catch basins clogged. The total insured losses for this event exceeded$ 33 Million, ” says the IBC.

The second took place on 9 march, in the south-west of the province. “Flooding and water damage caused by heavy rains and melting snow have been reported in some parts of southern Ontario. Most of the damage was caused in Toronto and the surrounding area, by melting of a snowpack exceptionally large. The damages include leaking roof and the basement. The total of insured damage amounted to nearly$ 37 Million, ” says the organization.

A winter expensive

Always depending on the TRAY and CatIQ, the winter has cost$ 87 Million in insured damages in the country. These costs were the result of two events separate, one that has occurred in eastern Canada and the other in Ontario.

As a reminder, the BAC does not recognise the damage insured event when they reach the bar of$ 25 Million. Storms less expensive, therefore, are not counted in the total of insured damage.

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