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The technological tools influence the satisfaction of the insured



29 March 2019 13:30

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Insurers home offering technological tools to their clients are those who cause the most satisfaction with their customers, reveals a study by J. D. Power.

Across Canada, the insurer having received the highest score (850 points out of a total of 1000) is one that has a greater technological capacity, says the firm. “This indicates that a wide chasm separates the insurers that meet the technological requirements of the customers and those who do not. “

Insurers “are struggling to meet the requirements”

However, the insurers do not reach quite to fully satisfy their customers, indicate the results of the survey. “When the time comes to resolve the sensitive issues related to home insurance, insurers are struggling to meet the requirements. In fact, seven of the most important attributes that affect the satisfaction of the customer receive a score below the average than the less influential of an interaction with a client. “

“Insurers that want to increase their market share, attract and retain customers must focus on the aspects that most influence the satisfaction of their customers,” says Tom Super , director of insurance practice at J. D. Power. The insurance policies of customers who are more satisfied have a better life expectancy. These policyholders are the most likely to recommend their insurer to their friends and families. “

The Personal at the first place in Quebec

In Quebec, The Personal (830) topped the list of insurers in housing that meet the more their insurers, follow-up of the’ai financial Group (824) and bélairdirect (809) and The Capital (809) tied in third place. Aviva Canada is the insurer that has the worst rate of satisfaction, with a total of 755 points.

In addition to being more satisfied with their auto insurer, Quebecers have the highest rate of satisfaction with their home insurance company, with a regional average of 800 points. The Personal throne, also at the top of the music charts in quebec satisfaction with car insurers.

The firm surveyed a total of 5 809 owners of an insurance policy between November 2018 and January 2019. The questions focused on five factors, namely product offerings, price, billing and payment, interaction (excluding claims) and the claims.

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