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The therapeutic virtues of cannabis : doctors and insurers want evidence


22 March, 2019 09:30

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Doctors, medical associations, and insurers are waiting for scientific evidence about the therapeutic virtues of cannabis.

This is one of the biopharmaceutical company Tetra Bio-Pharma. It has commissioned a survey firm Ipsos, conducted with of 2,002 Canadians, in which it has amalgamated the findings put forward by the medical community, but also of the insurance industry.

Thus, the Tetra Bio-Pharma advance, according to its survey, only 31 % of Canadians use marijuana. Of this number, one quarter does it only for medical purposes.

According to the company, this proportion is not high due to the lack of scientific data concerning medicines derived from cannabis. This would prevent the doctors to have the knowledge at the recommendation of these products to their patients, ” says the biopharma.

A refund requested

Moreover, 47 % of those surveyed believe that their doctor is not informed enough to treat with cannabis. In addition, without the refund of insurance, public or private, 62 % of Canadians surveyed would avoid buying medicines derived from cannabis.

“The doctors, medical authorities and the insurers rely on the data concerning the efficiency of any prescription drug. The treatment of cannabis is complex. This is why the way pharmaceutical ensures the accuracy of the assay and the uniformity of the formulations, ” said Guy Chamberland, ceo and chief scientist of Tetra Bio-Pharma.

Clinical studies on the benefits of these drugs are underway in Canada, adds the biopharma. Nearly one Canadian in six (17 %) stated that they closely follow the process of approval of these studies by Health Canada, one can read in its survey report.

“The majority of the population believes that the integration of the drugs derived from cannabinoids within the canadian medical system will become a catalyst that will promote the education and training of physicians on how to prescribe cannabis,” wrote the Tetra Bio-Pharma in its survey report.

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