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The TRAY application to drivers of treating cannabis like alcohol and driving


Justine Montminy

October 4, 2018 09:30

A recent survey conducted by Léger , commissioned by the insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) has revealed that 79% of Canadians have concerns in relation to impaired drivers, in the wake of the legalization of cannabis, scheduled for October 17.

If the survey also reveals that 84 % of canadians believe that driving under the effects of the drug could represent a high-risk, 70 % of respondents think that driving under the effects of cannabis is as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol.

Take inspiration from the penalties of drinking and driving

The BAC believes that the legalization of cannabis would normalise drug use and that severe sanctions must be put in place to ensure road safety.

“Drinking and driving is now socially unacceptable. It is necessary to have an approach of deterrence similar, appropriate sanctions and detection tools in order to discourage all forms of driving while impaired by the consumption of cannabis. The legalization must not endanger the public safety, ” said president and chief executive officer of the IBC, Don Forgeron.

The survey of Light also revealed that 62 % of consumers of cannabis canadians have already driven after consuming the drug or have ever been a passenger of a driver who consumed.

Lack of awareness

According to the survey, 43 % of Canadians don’t know how long they have to wait for it to be safe to drive after consumption of cannabis.

The BAC believes that the provincial governments must invest sufficiently in security programs and awareness of the public in relation to the consumption of cannabis and the decision of the steering wheel.

“In addition to approving the testing materials of the drug, the BAC is asking the federal government to ensure that provinces and municipalities have sufficient resources in the enforcement of laws on impaired driving related to marijuana,” said Mr. Smith.

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