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The TRAY supports the framework proposed for the collective insurance of damage


Andrea Lubeck

August 17, 2018 11:30

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The working Group on the collaborative economy. has suggested, in its report tabled in June last, to enshrine the collective insurance of damages proposed in bill 150, in the insurance Act. Thus, it proposes a reform of the quebec pension plan assurances and considers that the proposals in the bill 150 is ” a track inspired interesting “.

The Group also recommends that to facilitate and speed up the sandbox process regulatory. “The rise in collaborative practices will result in a multiplication of the types of platforms and the number of cases to analyze for insurance companies and the regulatory authorities,” says the group.

The BAC welcomes the recommendation

In a press release, the insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) welcomed the recommendation of the report on the group insurance of damage. The TRAY supports the frame of this type of insurance under the insurance Act, claiming that this will help avoid absences of coverage.

“[…] The policies individually are generally determined on the basis of the personal use that people make of their property, and therefore may exclude some of the activities related to the collaborative economy.”, he says.

The organization says it is also in favour of the use of a sandbox regulatory to promote innovation ” by allowing the competent authorities to evaluate new practices in a safe environment and to establish the legislative amendments or regulations necessary for their support “.

The TRAY laments, however, that the provisions on the collective insurance of damages have not been included in bill 150 passed in the spring of last year, ” lack of time “.

Promote access to insurance

The working Group on the collaborative economy. argues that the collective insurance of damages would provide a better accessibility to insurance, ” even for the low-income consumers “.

“In this perspective, the establishment of collective schemes insurance could prove to be advantageous, and allow, in principle, improve the accessibility of insurance, which should increase the confidence of users,” he wrote.

Better understanding of the collaborative economy.

The Group was established last February by the ministry of Economy of Québec in order to improve the understanding of the issues raised by the collaborative economy.. It also has the objective of modernizing and strengthening public policies, in connection with the digital transformation business in the province.

It focused on different aspects of the economy collaborative and recommendations are made, based on better understanding, better guidance and better support the players in this industry. In all, 12 recommendations were made.

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