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The University of Guelph and the Co-operators launched a line of self-help by text message



August 30, 2018 09:45

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The Co-operators and theUniversity of Guelph have developed a new line of self-help developed by the organization kids help phone via text messaging for the students of the university. In times of crisis, they can send a text to the line of self-help and responding to crisis volunteer of Youth, I listen to their answer.

“The promotion of mental wellness and the destigmatization of mental illness, particularly among young people, is an important element of our commitment to building canadian communities healthier and more sustainable,” stresses Barbara Turley-McIntyre, senior vice-president, sustainability and citizenship, at the Co-operators.

The University of Guelph is the first to use the new line for assistance. Of the respondents are available at any time of the day and is confidential, ” explains the organization.

Young people prefer text messages

A survey conducted by kids help phone shows that young people prefer to 42% write rather than speak when they share their problems. In addition, 71% of them are favourable to an option of courier as they discuss their problems.

“The platforms are non-verbal, such as live conversations, are more likely to reveal serious mental health problems high-risk “, also concludes the survey.

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