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The vehicle thefts have increased by 7 % in Québec in 2017


Andrea Lubeck

12 December 2018 11:30

Photo : Freepik

Between 2016 and 2017, thefts of vehicles have increased from 6% at the Canada level, show data from Statistics Canada. These statistics have been compiled in the annual balance sheet of the insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) on the car thefts and the models most prized by thieves.

In Quebec, the growth in the number of flights was 7 %. The provinces have also experienced a rise.

“These provincial increases result in an increase of automobile theft on a national scale,” says Henry Tso, vice-president, investigative service of the TRAY. He cited data from Statistics Canada that reveal that the police has reported nearly 85 000 incidents of theft of vehicles in 2017.

Pickup trucks are always popular

Trucks the F-series from Ford are back in the top of the list of the most stolen vehicles in Canada. Five of the ten places are occupied by trucks F350 Ford of different years.

In Québec, sport utility vehicles MDX ofAcura, followed by the 4Runner from Toyota, who occupied the first places in 2016 and 2017. The vehicles of Honda and Jeep are also found at various places on the list.

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