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The wealth of high net worth clients beyond the bar 70 trillion $ in 2017



July 3, 2018 09:45

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Around the world, the heritage of individuals high-net-worth grew by 10.6 %, and for the first time surpasses the cap of us $ 70 trillion, says the World Wealth Report 2018 the consulting firm Capgemini. In Canada, the heritage of these individuals has experienced a growth of 7.2 %.

In addition, the number of high net worth clients has also experienced a growth between 2016 and 2017. Overall, he has added 1.6 million individuals a high value, reaching 18.1 million people. In Canada, the number of customers of this type grew by 5.5 %, from 356 900 to 376 000.

Strong returns on investment

The study also demonstrates that the wealth managers were able to deliver strong returns on investments for high net worth clients. These returns have increased from 27.4 % in 2017. Equities remained the asset class the most popular to 30.9% of heritage of these customers, followed by cash and cash equivalents 27.2 % and real estate at 16.8 %.

Despite the good results, the satisfaction of individuals with high net worth to their wealth manager is no better, argues Capgemini. The clients of the advisors north americans are the most satisfied, with a rate of 75.2 per cent. In 2018, only 55.5% of high net worth clients say they have a personal relationship with their advisor.

“It is clear that there is an opportunity for the firms wealth management to strengthen their relationships with customers, as almost half of them said they did not agree with their adviser. Offer a customer experience innovative digital is one of the ways to strengthen the link between advisors and clients, ” says Anirban Bose, a member of the executive board and head of global financial services for Capgemini.

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