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The winds of early may were the disaster the most expensive in Ontario in 5 years



4 June, 2018 11:30

The insured damages to the violent winds occurred in early may in Ontario and Quebec amounted to $ 410 million. This is the disaster the most expensive in Ontario in five years, after the floods in Toronto in 2013, says the insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC), citing data collected by the Catastrophe Indices and Quantification (CatIQ).

“The year has already seen a lot of damage. Insurers have paid out three-quarters of a billion dollars in five months, ” says Kim Donaldson, vice-president for the Ontario region at the IBC.

The winds of may 4 last year caused damage to roofs, fallen trees and loss of power. Since the 1st of January, Ontario has suffered damage of nearly$ 700 Million, according to data of the TRAY. It is, however, only insured losses and not the costs to the governments, “that are growing even faster,” says the organization.

Mitigate the risks

The Office reminds citizens that it is important to check the condition of its roof to mitigate the risks, especially as the weather of the last few months has been able to cause many damages. The attic is also a place to inspect, ” he said.

“It is important to perform the work of maintaining its property to prevent damage. It is also important to understand its insurance policy, to know what is covered and what limitations of coverage, ” advises the TRAY.

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