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The winds of Michael among the most powerful ever recorded in the United States, reveals Aon


Hubert Roy

15 October 2018 11:30

The winds of hurricane Michael, which reached peaks of 155 miles per hour (almost 250 miles per hour), are the fourth most powerful recorded by a hurricane in the history of the United States. This is what was revealed to Aon in his weekly on the natural disasters that occurred in the four corners of the planet.

The record belongs to a hurricane named Labor Day Hurricane, which devastated Florida in 1935 on the day of the feast of the Work, hence its name, the storms are not numbered according to the alphabetical order at this time. Its winds reached 185 miles per hour, close to 300 kilometers an hour.

In more recent history, only the winds of hurricane Andrew, that hit Florida in 1992, there have been more violent than Michael, with gusts of 165 mph, 265 km / h.

The insurers will be more affected than usual

Aon has also made some predictions about the damage caused by Michael. Aon has determined that it is too early to quantify, but the company says it is expected to reach the billion us dollars (G$ US).

Also, analysts at Aon make note that this event will be costly for the industry. As the majority of insurance policies cover damage by wind, the insurers will pull out their checkbook.

Different from Harvey and Florence

This was not the case for the hurricanes Harvey, which occurred in 2017, and Florence, has affected the states of Carolina last month. The majority of the damages were caused by floods subsequent to the passage of these storms, which are not covered by insurers and is covered instead of the National Flood Insurance Program.

Aon also notes that the damage to infrastructure and power outages prolonged will play a role in the case of protections covering business interruption in insurance companies. The reinsurance brokers Guy Carpenter believes there are 1.5 million people without electricity in the wake of the passing of Michael.

According to the firm CoreLogic, the bill of insurers will fluctuate between$ 2 billion and$ 4.5 billion US. Of this number, the insurance of the individuals should represent two-thirds of the note, the rest is for the insurance companies. About Karen Clark & Company, one speaks of the economic damage of the order of US$ 8-billion.

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