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The winter force several u.s. states to declare a state of emergency


Andrea Lubeck

26 February 2019 11:30

Photo : DeShaun Craddock

Since the beginning of the year, the winter is particularly arid in the United States, according to the reports of global disasters ofAon. Several regions of the country have faced for several consecutive weeks to different disasters and heavy rainstorms, forcing some States to declare a state of emergency.

Only in January, the severe winter conditions had caused nearly a billion dollars in damage. Aon estimates that the damage caused by different weather events the past two weeks will total in the millions of dollars. It is too early to know exactly how much they settle.

The falls of snow, freezing rain, floods, ice, storms, and strong winds resulted in the cancellation of many flights and the discontinuation of the activities of certain undertakings, in addition to having cost the lives of three people since the 8th of February, reports Aon.

Several cities where it does snow not usually received of centimeters. This is notably the case of Las Vegas, Nevada, which has seen snow for the second one of his story times this month.

No sign of respite in sight

Predictions for Aon for the coming days indicate that a lull is not about to happen. Several weather systems are threatening the States in the North and Midwest temperatures in the normal season. The West coast and the Rockies can expect heavy rainfall. The same scenario applies to the States of the North-East. Several rivers and streams are also in the process of flooding or flood currently.

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