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Three posts of directors in the election to the House


Aurelia Morvan

4 February 2019 11:30

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The board of directors of the Chamber of financial security enters elections. Three of the eight elective positions of directors are filled.

The positions to be filled are those of mutual fund representative, insurance representative, and a representative in group insurance of persons. Currently, these three positions are held respectively by Sylvain de Champlain, Shirley Marquis and André Di Vita. The latter is also the chairman of the board of directors of the Chamber. A function that, like every year, will be the subject of a new election in 2019. This appointment will occur after the election of the new board.

Call for applications

To be a candidate, you must be a member of the Chamber and allowed to act as certified in the corresponding category. Nominations must be submitted by email before the 25th February, at 16: 30.

Subsequently, from march 13 to 28, the eligible voters will vote online for their new representatives. The directors, elected for a term of three years, are called upon to pronounce on a variety of issues that affect the profession and the protection of consumers of financial products and services.

Current Composition of the C. A.

Other elected directors of the Chamber, whose position is not to be filled this year are the Gino-Sébastian Savard, Charles Drolet, Alain C. Roy, Sophie Vallée and Jean-Philippe Vézina. The independent directors, whose appointment is approved by the minister of Finance of Québec, are Paulette Legault, Anne cote, Georges E. Morin, François D. Ramsay and Stéphane Rousseau.

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