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To offer advice in insurance, it takes a certified representative, say insurers


Serge Therrien


Hubert Roy

March 9, 2018 10:15

Denis Côté and Michel Laurin | Photo : Réjean Meloche

The insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC), thecanadian Association of insurance companies of persons (CLHIA) and the Corporation of the insurers direct de dommages du Québec (CADD) lamented that some agencies do a different reading of bill 141, and use it to boost their capital of sympathy.

The three bodies are banging on that when a board insurance is offered, it is necessary that a certified representative the gives. This is the position that they have defended from the beginning of the consultations, they say.

A “natural person” may intervene when a client is facing a problem, technical or administrative, it is said, but not in the case of a council. People have sworn an advisory role to the notion of a ” natural person “, which is described in an article in the draft law, without taking into account the many other articles elsewhere that govern the council. It should not, however, exploit the provisions of the law for its own purposes, they say.

The advantage of the Internet

The Internet has another advantage, ” said Michel Laurin, president of the board of directors of the CADD, is the one to interact more with the customer, especially the young people, for whom this will be the mode of communication. “We can educate the people. It is based on the need of the client. This is not positioning itself so archaic, the traditional way of the industry that we will succeed. “

The Internet will also allow the industry to standardize the advice to give, which is not happening now, said Mr. Laurin. He takes the example of the protection for the earthquake.

“Few people know that this is not covered. Most people think that the government will compensate them if a disaster occurs. During a transaction via the Internet, a bubble will appear to reflect the client and inform it properly. He can then make an informed decision. It will be the same thing for floods and water damage, ” he said.

Do not over interpret the law

This vision is the same to the BAC-Quebec. “It must be a certified representative when you talk about insurance with the client. This is what we said from the beginning. The articles of the law should not be interpreted individually. The essence of this principle is laid down in the bill, ” said Johanne Lamanque, vice-president, Québec, of the TRAY.

For Lyne Duhaime, president of CLHIA Quebec, the board will remain. “Insurers value the advice given to consumers. The consumer will be better protected by the adoption of the draft law 141 “, she said. She added that Internet sales will not mean absence of regulation. “The Authority will adapt its framework to it. She will also get involved if there are failures. “

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