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Tornado in Gatineau : insurers mobilized


Justine Montminy

24 September 2018 14:30

In the wake of the tornado that struck Gatineau and the surrounding area Friday evening, several insurers have mobilized in the region.

Desjardins Insurance has recorded so far between 500 and 600 claims in the region of Gatineau, Ottawa and surrounding areas, has confirmed the insurer of the insurance Journal. The majority of them are home insurance, but it also brings in auto insurance.

“In our opinion the majority of claims have been made, but there is still an area that is not open, where only the first responders who accompany the people who will be looking for their property can access “, adds the spokesperson Desjardins group, Valérie Lamarre.

For SSQ Insurance, no precise data on the number of complaints has been communicated, however, the insurer has indicated to the Journal of the assurance that ” all records of our policyholders were taken care of and it has reached an agreement with our various business partners in the region of Gatineau in order that the records be treated in a timely manner “. Additional teams have been mobilized for the treatment of the files, but the insurer has not thought it necessary to send a team to the scene.

The Capital, which has a significant number of customers in the region, believes that it will be 200 openings of claims files.

Center, claims, mobile

In order to respond to this large number, The Capital city has deployed a caravan in Gatineau, who serves as the center of claims. “Since Sunday, the caravan is a bit like an on-site office. Agents may meet with the insured, ” explained the spokesman of the insurer of the insurance Journal, Jean-Pascal Lavoie.

Since Saturday, experts claim of The Capital are also on the scene to assess the damage. “Added to this is a service of psychological help offered with the insurance policy,” said Mr. Lavoie.

Donations to the Red Cross

Although the damage caused by winds are insurable risks, many of the people affected by the event are not insured. The Capital announced in the Journal of insurance today to have made a gift of $ 25,000 to the canadian Red Cross, deployed to the scene to help the disaster victims.

The Desjardins group also announced today that it has donated $ 50,000 to the organization. Desjardins has also put in place measures to assist its members in the region. Among these, we find among others the ability to defer the payment policies home and auto insurance, and an emergency loan to cover the costs of cleaning, security or other.

At the time of publication, iA financial Group, Promutuel and Intact had not replied to the questions of the insurance Journal.

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