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Tornado in Gatineau : it is still too early to assess the damage


Andrea Lubeck

September 24, 2018 11:15

On the photo, Bernard Marchand speaks with the mayor of Gatineau and Carlos Melo responded to questions of a disaster.

The tornado that touched down Friday night in ottawa / Gatineau in the municipality of Pontiac has damaged more than 300 buildings. At Pontiac, twenty homes are considered total losses on the 120 affected.

According to Anne Morin, a spokesperson for the insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC), it is still too early to assess the cost of damages. The total insured losses exceed, however, the threshold of $ 25 million required to start the data collection process on the part of the TRAY.

A lot of people are not insured

Although the damage caused by winds are insurable risks, many of the people affected by the event are not insured. “A non-negligible percentage of people are uninsured. At the present time, we do not know the proportion of those who are insured versus those who are not, ” says Ms. Morin.

Since Saturday, a team of IBC has been deployed to the field to meet with the insured to inform them of the steps to follow.

Moreover, the victims will not be able to benefit from the financial assistance program of the department of public Safety, due to the insurable event, has confirmed Louise Quintin, a spokesman for the department. The government of Quebec, however, has offered an assistance of one million dollars to the canadian Red Cross. The organization is deployed on-site to help the disaster victims.

Meeting information

An information meeting for citizens will take place on Monday evening, and will be conducted by the BAC, the canadian Red Cross and the city of Gatineau. Ms. Morin states that the body will have a better idea of the proportion of victims who are not insured.

In an update sent this morning, the city of Gatineau says 800 people registered at the centre of disaster services. Less than a dozen of applications have been received for the emergency shelter at Pontiac, said in the Journal of insurance Meghan Lewis, coordinator of the assistance to disaster victims in the municipality.

The sector of Mont-Blue, where the tornado is placed, is now open to traffic. More than 2 600 subscribers d’Hydro-Quebec were still without electricity in Gatineau. At the Pontiac, only a dozen homes still lacked access to electricity.

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